At what age should I take my child to see the orthodontist?

A parent asked today, “What is the best age for my child to see the orthodontist?” A good time for an orthodontic exam is between 6 to 8 years old. The main reason for the exam is to evaluate the – CONTINUE READING –

Can toothbrushing too hard cause damage to my gums?

Can you brush too hard?  Yes you can.  Some adult patients, when they go to see their dentist at their regular six month check up, are sometimes surprised that they are informed they are brushing too hard.  Their family dentist – CONTINUE READING –

Why are Braces So Expensive?

Many people don’t go through orthodontic treatment because it is cost prohibited. It’s just too expensive. Quotes for treatment can range from $5,000 to $7,000 for full orthodontic treatment. After the examination and during the consultation visit with an orthodontist, – CONTINUE READING –

The Parts of Orthodontic Braces

The parts of braces are: The Bracket – is the piece that is attached by adhesive to the enamel of the tooth.  It can be made out of different materials like stainless steel or ceramic.  The adhesive does not harm the enamel long – CONTINUE READING –

How do you stop a thumb or finger habit?

A child sucking their fingers or thumb can produce some drastic changes to the growth of the jaws.  This can be a very hard habit to break.  Due to the child being emotionally attached to sucking their thumb or finger – CONTINUE READING –