Braces Emergency Kit

Wire Poking Cheek

Orthodontic emergencies happen all the time.  During the course of treatment with braces, there is a high chance that a bracket is going to break.  When that happens, sometimes a wire starts to poke the cheeks or lips and is uncomfortable.

Your child comes to you and says something broke and a wire is poking.  It’s after hours and you get a hold of your orthodontist over the phone.  The orthodontist suggests that you clip the wire with small wire cutters nearest to the bracket that is secure.

The Braces Emergency Kit is ideal for situations like this.

The kit comes with

  • Wire Cutters
  • Wax
  • Mouth Mirror
  • Plastic wire pusher

Once you clip the wire with the wire cutters in this kit, the patient is comfortable, and you can schedule an appointment later for repair.  Click here for more information about The Braces Emergency Kit.


Braces Emergency Kit