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19 thoughts on “Ask A Question

  1. Hi I was wondering why my gums on the bottom of my bottom teeth so uneven, I got my braces off recently and I have noticed my gums before.

    1. Hi. The gum tissue in a young person covers part of the enamel. As your face matures, the gum tissue recedes to the cementum enamel junction, where it should be. So, your orthodontist aligns the teeth by the crown of the tooth and not the gum tissue. You will be alright. The gum tissue will go down in size and they will start looking more even the older you get.

    1. Hi. I guess it’s possible, but I wouldn’t do it. You can talk to your orthodontist about it. If a space is present, the gum tissue will not be protected by the contact point created by the teeth being together. This will result in loss of gum tissue and bone over time due to food hitting that area from chewing.

  2. Hi,
    I’m 8 months in to having my metal braces, both top and bottom. My upper teeth didn’t really need braces, but I thought I’d get them anyway. My lower teeth were very uneven and crowded. I am extremely unhappy with my upper teeth are looking at the moment. My orthodontist has pushed them upwards for some reason and I hate the way they look. If I was to have my upper brace removed, would my teeth move back to how they originally were? I actually preferred the way my upper teeth used to look. And if so, how long would this take?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi. If you have your upper braces removed and do not use a retainer, they will probably move back to where they were. I’d suggest that you talk to your orthodontist about the concerns you have with the positions of your teeth before having the upper braces removed.

  3. I have had my braces for 11 months now—–my molars STILL do not meet up and I can not chew food. I have lost 56 pounds and my dr is telling me not to lose any more weight! Will my back teeth ever “mesh” again so that I can chew food??????????

    1. Hi. At the end of treatment, your posterior teeth should occlude. You may want to talk to the orthodontist and find out if you have a skeletal Class III relationships, which would cause your posterior teeth not to occlude. If so, sometimes elastics, extractions or surgery is used to fix the problem.

  4. My daughter got her braces removed about a year ago. Since that time, her 2nd molars grew in. Her bite got messed up as a result. Her molars now hit, but the rest of her teeth do not. We saw the orthodontist and he put braces back on – just on the back 4 or 5 teeth (upper & lower). She also wears rubber bands at night. She has had them on for about a month now & her bite is even worse – her front teeth are not even close to coming together now. They put new wires in yesterday that they said will bring her teeth together. She is very nervous that this is not working. What are your thoughts about this approach?

    1. Hi, Your orthodontist may want to go to full braces, upper and lower to get complete control of the teeth. Sometimes a small complement of brackets and wires will fix the problem of a misaligned 2nd molar and at other times, full appliances are needed.

  5. My daughter has one of her front teeth crooked inwards, so we went to the orthodontist. She suggests that it can be straightened by pushing it with a spoon every day but to me this seems pretty insane thing to do. What do you think?

    1. Hi, Intermittent pressure will not move the tooth. Constant pressure over a period of weeks is needed to move a tooth. So, I disagree with the doctor’s assessment.

  6. Hi, My currently have a power chain on a couple front teeth to rotate my tooth but my bottom row is overcrowded so as the tooth rotates it’s kind of pushing my other tooth too is this okay? will it fix by itself or should i worry?

  7. Hi my top front left tooth is slightly overlapping tooth on right. Could I get an Essex retainer to hold them in place until I can afford braces? Will an Essex retainer hold overlapped teeth

  8. Thanks for your reply my teeth have been moving over last ten years and my dentist said I need braces. I have had no one else to ask what to do. Thanks again Ann ( Ireland’s)

  9. I recently had braces on wedensday top and bottom and I’m in pain every time I’m trying to eat the pain just gets worse , the tablets are not helping!

    How long will this take to stop the pain?

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